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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 6, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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here's what some people are talking about. >> surprising revelation for millions of verizon customers, the companies largest spy agency admits to tracking millions of their calls every day. wjz is live. alex demetrick with more on the top secret surveillance program. >> reporter: it's surveillance on a massive scale involving all of verizon's foreign and domestic customers. maryland is home to the national security agency, but it's making itself at home in your phone if you're a verizon customer. since april, verizon was ordered to turn over data on millions of calls to the nsa on a daily basis. >> it's probably going to cause more political problems for the administration than it is legal problems because what they're doing is lawful. >> reporter: the 911 attacks set the monitoring in motion with the passage of the patriot act which led to the foreign intention act or fisa. a secret report approved the
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government's request for the records for 90 days. >> there's never been an order quite this sweeping. >> reporter: it allows it to collect phone numbers for both parties. the time and duration of calls and location data, but not the content of the conversation and while that still leaves a lot of data, members of congress briefed on the surveillance say only business calls were being singled out for tracking, not cell phone and residential customers but weeding out some for all may be a tough sell. >> i think it's horrible. americans have become too complacent, the government taking our privacy left right and from. >> the government called it a vital tradeoff. >> in the last few years this program was used to stop a program, or excuse me, a sop a terrorist attack in the united states. we know. >> reporter: while the secret court order was made in april, it's the latest such legal ruling. according to senate democrats, briefed on intelligent matters, there are a chain of such
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orders stretching back 7 years. >> thank you and still classified as data, other phone companies may be under orders to to provide information to the nsa. hundreds of thousands of people living in florida are feeing the power of tropical storm andrea as it moves ashore. in nearby gulf port mississippi, winds up hoot rooted trees. -- up rooted trees. residents are working together to clean up damage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are tracking where andrea is now and the impact on maryland. take a look at radar, pretty nice display here for maryland. there's plenty of rain on the radar and most of the activity going on across portions of florida is beginning to move now into georgia and carolinas. that's the tropical moisture that will continue to flow in the next 24 hours. we expect to see the heaviest rain across our region. look at the satellite picture. if you see the storm moving to
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the north and northeast, eventually it will head out. it's moving quickly. by the time it gets to the region, right now it's moving around 17 miles per hour. the pressure dropped a little bit, but it's going to start weakening tonight if it's coming ashore in northern florida, and it will continue to bring rain, however, to our region. that's the major issue we're looking at. the spaghetti models have it going generally across portions of north carolina and eventually, eventually southeast and that's where we're going to see the heaviest rain tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. with a look at that, tim has a look at the closer view radar, what we expect tonight and the next 24 hours and watches and advisories too. >> the bottom line is the moisture is moving our way. we have the front to the west of us moving in our general direction. it's going to help pull and accelerate some of the moisture from andrea as it moves into the region. as yu see, it's all -- as you see, it's making its way and converging on the mid atlantic from new england right on down to the gulf.
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the way it's going to play out tonight, we're going to see the showers from the west, but flood warnings going into effect tomorrow morning right on through tomorrow night. friday is the optimum day. we could see torrential downpours, some parts could see up ward offense 3 inches and flooding -- upward offense 3 inches and areas that are known for poor drainage could see flooding, but that shower activity, the heavy rain is going to move right on through here. tomorrow is the day we'll start to see improvement on saturday afternoon before it starts to get out of here. unfortunately the timing for graduations and events in the evening, this rain is going to impact them. we will continue to keep you posted. bob will have the local forecast in a few moments. back inside, guys. >> stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage, and for the latest on its path and when it may affect maryland, log on onto; a growing problem inside a baltimore city jail leads toal
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indictments against correctional officers. wjz is live in annapolis, mike hellgren has more. >> reporter: it comes after an audit was released that shows sloppy management conditions in baltimore jails that had little to no accountability. the secretary of the public safety for maryland says he is working to correct those conditions. >> reporter: the corruption is astounding, gang members accused of impregnating officers at the detention center and allegations where the inmates were calling the shots. leaders of the general assembly trumpeted a commission to look at every aspect and some question whether that's enough. >> do you think secretary maynard should be in his position. >> no. if his policies that's creating this problem. >> reporter: among new security
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measures corrections officials say they are fingerprinting visitors at the baltimore city detention center. they opened an employee hot line for corruption and expanded background checks for officers. and they worked to ban illegal cell phones inmates are using to run criminal enterprises on the outside. they're involving top prosecutors. >> this is not just a the baltimore city problem. this is a problem that can be found in any detention facility anywhere in the state. >> 110 officers have been accused of corruption since 2007. maynard has no plans to resign as lawmakers pledge a full investigation. >> once we understood the gang issues the at the detention center, we assumed the responsibility for them and went after them. >> reporter: now, mr. maynard says they expect to install cell phone blocking technology at the city detention center, but there are no plans at this point to move it staid wide. he declined to answer questions from reporters. reporting live in annapolis,
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mike schuh wjz -- mike hellgren wjz eyewitness news. and the state is looking into buying full body scanners and hiring intelligence officers to reduce contraband corruption. the price tag is in the mills. we're learning more about a fatal police shooting in baltimore county. the incident that prompted officers to open fire. >> reporter: it happened at a motel in highs marsh. officer as were responding that a man on a scooter physically assaulted a woman and fled. 57-year-old arnett myers struggled with one officer and tried to pull the gun from the holster and another officer shot myers several times. he later died. both officers are on routine administrative leave while the shooting is under investigation. neither of the officers was injured. retired raven matt burke is speaking out about why he skipped the team's visit to the white house. according to our media partner,
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the battle sun, burke told not it to attend due to the president's stance on abortion. he is pro-life and told a minnesota radio station that he respects the president's office but criticized his support for planned parenthood, the probowl center retired following the super bowl. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5. fighting for her life, a young girl's parents try to keep her eligible for a life saving transplant, the latest on her case. lucky lady, new details about the nation's newest millionaire, why she has another woman to thank for her winning powerball ticket. this is greg, who used to describe himself as fat guy. 85 pounds later, he's in the running to go to the kona ironman championships in hawaii. but he needs your help. the story next. don't miss the updated first warning forecast with bob. complete coverage continues
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with kai jackson, mary bubala, and first warning weather bob turk and meteorologist tim williams and sports with mark viviano. it's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 71 degrees and lightly raining in parts of central maryland, the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. a very ill 10-year-old has a better chance of getting a life saving lung transplant. vinita nair reports for wjz from philadelphia. >> reporter: sarah cheered after hearing the judge's decision that might save her life. >> she's not looking for easy, just possible. >> reporter: mernahan who is 10 has cystic fibrosis, the judge suspended the current transplant rule that requires children under 12 to wait for pediatric supplies. and the temporary ruling means she is eligible to receive lungs from any doe r nor regardless of o -- donor
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regardless of age. >> if we did not stand up and do something, we would sit there and watch her die. >> reporter: lawmakersfield to health and human services secretary to intervene. >> time is rung out, please. -- running out. please suspend the rules until we look at this policy, which we all bellevue is flawed. >> -- believe is flawed. >> this is an incredibly agonizing situation where someone lives and someone dies. >> based on their age. based on their age. >> reporter: doctors say the rules are written the way they are because adult recipients have a better survival rate than kids. >> in her case, they may be able to take a larger adult lung and take half of each lung and put it into the each side, and have a full set of lungs. >> reporter: the decision does not guarantee a set of lungs because donations are based on blood type and chance of survival. for now sarah remains in a philadelphia hospital, waiting, a little more hopeful.
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vinita nair, wjz eyewitness news. the judge's order remains in effect until june 14th when a hearing on the court will reconvene to consider the under 12 rule. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check in on the roads with kristy breslin. hi everybody, a lot of congestion out there, pretty much all over the place. starting with northbound 95, watch for delays there 395 past white marsh boulevard, the topside of the inner loop bumper to bumper. on the west side inner loop, jammed up from 95 past 70. lots of problems on the harrisburg expressway particularly in the northbound direction from swan road to mount caramel, and headed over to the beltway. 70 westbound busy from 29 to marysville rode, a couple accidents lingering, 95 southbound at route 100, and troy hill drive at washington
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boulevard. let's now go and take a live look as you can see things creeping along on the beltway west of york road. this is brought to yu by michael and will sons. get 0% financing for 36 months if paid in full on a select are cooling system. visit michael and will sons baltimore -- visit in a few months, a thousands of the fastest athletes will fly to hawaii to compete in the most prestigious triathlon in the world. and a local man is hoping to get there motte because of his speed but because of his story. >> reporter: this is a story about time, troubles and change. in 90 seconds, greg ritler will. >> i'm voting for my enter into the ironman in hawaii. >> reporter: he's fast but not kona ironman fast. >> but he used to be slow, really slow. slow and. >> i was a the fat guy. >> reporter: a fat guy who two
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years ago had this happen after surgery. >> my wife was crying next to my bad bed and said you have to change. >> reporter: it's one thing to make a vow, another to keep it. greg kept. so what did you do? >> i started running, riding my bike, swimming, playing ultimate frisbee, anything i could do to keep moving. >> reporter: the fat guy isn't fat anymore. >> it worked. i slowly but surely have lost 85 pounds the last two years. >> reporter: he's run, biked and swam in races and now has his sights set on the kona ironman world championship. >> i didn't dream that i could ever be anman. >> reporter: race organizers offer slots to people who symbolize the ironman spirit. they have to make a video to convince people to vote for them. >> little by little the weight started woman coming off and i began -- the weight started coming up. >> for a guy like me to do that in the shape i was, it's just incredible. i think anybody can go do these
5:17 pm
things and i love to inspire people to go get out and move and they can create a story like mine. >> reporter: 90 seconds later, the ask. >> watch the video and vote. >> i'm ready for the ironman championship in kona, anything is possible. >> to see his video and vote go to where we have posted a link taking you to his video. you got to watch it. it's pretty incredible. >> he has our vote. what a story. >> that's fantastic. >> hard work, hard work. >> tremendous. let's take a look at the weather. we have rain head haded our way. could be heavier rain tomorrow for sure. southeast winds 7. barometer beginning to fall. we'll come back and look at the friday rain right after this. ,, people are stuck in very old habits
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it's a live look from the tampa area as they are bracing for tropical storms. they had heavy rain earlier but now the radar is showing that tap pa has cleared out. -- tampa has cleared out. the storm is moving away from the region and they're getting residual winds coming back from the storm. we'll look at that in a second. it's warmed up a little bit.
5:21 pm
72 now. 68 ocean city. locally, 70 westminster, 73 down in annapolis, and dc at 76. most another rain west of it -- most of the rain west of us. and the tampa area, not much going on. a batch of rain north of the area into miami, and another batch just south of the fort myers, nepals area. the heaviest rain by far, now across northern florida and portions of south georgia, and that whole system's going to move up the east coast. it will be near norfolk by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and passing quickly to the northeast, and picking up lot of speed. west of us, we see the rain activity southwest of dc. that's going to move in tonight. expect a wet night and a wet day tomorrow or friday.
5:22 pm
right now, light winds not a big deal. the winds will not be a factor with the system, and the wind are way offshore. ocean city could get winds 20, 30 miles per hour, and rough surf. that's about all we're expecting from andrea as far as the wind are concerned. the rain will be the major factor. this is tropical moisture, and tropical moisture has heavy downpours, seriously some spots could see 2, 3, 4 inches of rain and some could see more if you get under one of the heavy bands. a lot of of rain north of us. this has nothing to do with andrea, this is the tropical rain south of us. tonight when we see the rain coming from the west very shortly and later tonight and tomorrow, we'll see the rains from andrea. the latest imagine coming from -- image coming from at 5, moving quickly to the north and northeast by tomorrow afternoon. by saturday it's past us and moving away. winds just at 6 but it's going to weaken tonight, and -- just
5:23 pm
at 63 but it's going to weaken tonight. low pressure passes to the north, and andrea passing to the south, bringing us plenty of rain on friday and leftover showers on saturday. east winds, 10 knots, sun over the weekend, and rain moving in later on, shower activity 64. could be heavy rain. it will be humid, 76 tomorrow with rain. some of it at times will be heavy. we have flash flood advisories and watches out for all of the day tomorrow. have more in the forecast coming up. thanks bob, we, it is all about timing and good manners. the winner of the record powerball jackpot has stepped forward and as manuel reports, she's thanking a fellow ticket buyer for her good luck. >> reporter: gloria mckenzie didn't say a word as she e walked out of florida lottery headquarters in tampa with lawyers and family members. moments earlier she had claimed the biggest single sing lottery
5:24 pm
prize in u.s. history. >> mrs. mckenzie has elected to receive the winnings in a one time lump payment, $370,896,780,000,000 before taxes. >> after taxes, she'll take home more than 270 million. mckenzie's only public comments read by a lottery official revealed that the jackpot win was a matter of luck and a courteous stranger. >> while in line the at publix, another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead go ahead of them in line it to purchase the winning quick pick ticket. >> mindy crandall l claims she was the customer that let a half billion dollars slip away. >> maybe there's something down the road or she needed it more than we did. whatever it was it was meant to be that she had it. mckenzie retired from florida to maine with her husband who died in 2005. at her modest home in zephyr
5:25 pm
hills, 30 miles from tampa, neighbors were shocked and thrilled. >> she's a sweet little old lady who's trying to live is all and she won the lottery. >> mckenzie, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, plans on splitting the winnings with her son. manuel horquez, dallas. the odds of winning that jackpot were one in 175 million. >> good for her and her family. >> i bet she's overwhelmed. who wouldn't be. >> just probably still can't believe it. >> absolutely. >> still ahead on eyewitness news at 5. the clean up begins at the site of a fatal building collapse in philadelphia, we'll have the latest on the investigation. summer may be around the corner, but eastern tech high school students are hitting the books with their heads under the hoodings, i'll explain why when -- hoods. i'll explain why whether wjz returns. all i want to see is jobs,
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jobs, jobs,. >> find out where the jobs will come from up next on eyewitness news. and today's report from wall street, we'll be right back. ,, have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on
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trust them to pearle vision. for a limited time, save 50% on lenses when you buy glasses or prescription sunglasses. pearle vision. caring for eyes since 1961. this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it it's wjz, maryland's news station. it is 5:28, 71 degrees with a big dark clouds out there
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right now. good evening, thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news, here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. frightening moments at an elementary school in cecil county. a man comes onto the playground during recess and begins interrogating children and teachers. michelle richey spoke with parents and students. >> reporter: a scary retreat at high school -- retreat at holly school, after this man appearing drunk began antagonizing students and teachers. >> this creepy guy came over and he was just taking and like, he wasn't saying anything, but he was like interfering with our kick ball game. >> school officials say teachers repeatedly asked briscoe to leave, he didn't. they used hand held radars to inform the front office. and the children are told to
5:30 pm
run the in the building. >> during the process, he gained access to the school, and basically went down the hallway and did, you know, push some students out of the way who happened to be in the same area. >> two of my friends were grabbed by him. he grabbed them. he grabbed one by her hood and pulled her back and it it choked her neck. and the other one, he broke her wrist because she had a cast and a sling on. >> reporter: the school was immediately placed on lock down and parents were notified of the terrifying situation. >> the school did call a code red status this afternoon when a man forcibly entered the building. >> parents were alarmed at the message and rushed to check on their kids. >> i was a little scared because i didn't think anything would happen like that around here. >> reporter: police took briscoe who was complaining of chest pain to the hospital in handcuffs. he's charged with 7 counts of
5:31 pm
assault and he's confident the schoolyard bully won't be back for recess anytime soon. >> we won't have to worry about him because he's in jail. >> reporter: he's charged with resisting arrest. in cecil county, i'm rochelle ritchie, eyewitness news. briscoe is now in a cecil county jail. tropical storm andrea is moving ashore in florida right now. maximum winds at 60 miles per hour. and gulf shores, the tropical storm is triggering huge waves and warning swimmers about the dangerous rip currents all up and down the shore. and here is a live look right now. tampa florida, where things have calmed down considerably in the last hour as the storm came ashore. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are tracking where she is now and the impact here in maryland. take a look at radar, we have rain from maryland which is not associated with andrea, all the way down to florida as
5:32 pm
you can see rain across portions soft south florida and has come ashore as you mentioned. and it continues to move to the north and northeast. take a look at the satellite picture down there. we have a big clump of clouds that you can clearly see and that cloud mass is going to be moving to the north, northeast, that's tropical moisture and will continue to feed. and we have heavy rain expected later tonight and tomorrow. the 5:00 update copping, moving -- coming in. and moving quickly, and copping on r shore. now all the models have it once again moving off to the east, northeast somewheres around the norfolk area primarily is what we expected to do and we'll expect rain in the region during the day tomorrow which it could bring us very heavy amounts of rain. tim has a little bit more on that and a look at local radar. all the rain is converging on the region, one system from the west and another system
5:33 pm
from the south. that's andrea and all being pulled in the general direction. what we're going to be expecting it flooding rain potential for tomorrow in areas that have poor drainage and low lying areas. a lot of rain up to 3 inches has triggered a flood warning for all the areas in green. pretty much the entire 95 corridor and points to the mead east and west of that stretch. now, the rain and the heavy rain is going to be a tropical rain. the temperatures do not take a hit. temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and much of the rain will feel tropical as the humidity levels and dew points rise as the remnants make their way across maryland on friday and saturday. and bob will have the complete 5-day forecast coming up including ocean city and how the rain could impact us for the weekend ahead. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage for tropical storm andrea for the latest on the path and when it will affect maryland, log onto the city department of public works is on the scene of
5:34 pm
a sewage overflow, an 8-inch sewage overflow is ongoing in the stony run near 39th 39th street. it was reported at approximately 10:30 this morning. workers are using a harmless red dye to help point point the specific location of the -- pinpoint the specific location of the break in the main. that overflow is estimated a 50 to 100 gallons per minute. a billion dollar development for the baltimore harbor is in the works. ited take its place between fells point and harbor east. >> reporter: ask people what they think and here's what they tell you. >> we can come here and have a good time. >> reporter: getting it built wasn't easy. >> there was much skepticism. >> there's tons of stuff you can do here. >> reporter: there was anger. there was distrust. >> nice atmosphere, great people. >> reporter: people. >> but in the end, the idea of progress and growth won the day. >> reporter: city leaders p hope to win a day without a
5:35 pm
battle. the mayor and council president are promoting the development of harbor point, a mixed use community on which used to stand a chrome processing pant. >> reporter: and generate on average nearly $20 million in new city tax revenue annually. according to the mayor the projected tax revenue increase is from the current $244,000 to 19.6 million per year. increased property and other related taxes would net $589 million over 30 years. >> i am your partner on this. >> reporter: under a public/private partnership under developers, they must approve $160 million for public infrastructure. >> i'll do all that i can do to make sure this project moves forward. all i want to see is jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: the mayor introduces that legislation on monday, i'm pat warren reporting, back to you. harbor point would be built this phases over a 12 year
5:36 pm
period. george zimmerman's trial for fatally shooting trayvon martin is set to start on monday in florida. demies is -- denise is in the news room with details. >> zimmerman's attorney wanted to let a handful of witnesses testify confidentially because of concerns for the safety. the judge denied that request. zimmerman is claiming self- defense for the fatal shooting of the teenager. zimmerman's attorney requested that certain terms used to describe the client be prohibits, like vigilante and want to be cop are inappropriate and prejudice. >> the trial is expected to last more than a month. rescue efforts are continuing at the site of a collapsed building in philadelphia, a survivor was pulled free overnight. as mar lee hall reports for wjz, crews haven't found anyone
5:37 pm
since then. >> reporter: workers used heavy machinery to demolish the front of a salvation army thrift store that was buried under a building collapse in the heart of philadelphia. crime scene investigators took photos of the wreckage while emergency crews looked for more victims. the family of a victim who was killed put up a memorial at the scene. >> something obviously went wrong here yesterday, and possibly in the days leading up to it. that's what the investigation is for. >> reporter: a demolition crew was tearing down a vacant four story building when had it came crumbling down on the thrift store. 14 people were found alive in the debris including a 61-year- old woman who was rescued overnight. witnesses say the empty building was an accident waiting to happen. window washers say a 30-foot wall had not been braced. >> if the wall was not braced, that would certainly be a strong contributing factor. >> reporter: a woman who lives in the neighborhood says she saw the workers kicking bricks
5:38 pm
and debris off the roof. >> i thought that wasn't a great way to be taking things down. >> reporter: the city says no violations have been filed against the demolition company which had proper working permits but the owner had legal troubles including an arrest for drugs and an insurance fraud conviction. the bodies of 6 people were pulled in the rubble. firefighter paid tribute placing a bouquet of of flowers at the scene. the daughter of the demolition contractor says her father is devastated and is in mourns just like everyone else. the scrutiny of the irs continues on capitol hill today. the subject was over spending on lavish training conferences. irs official ferris fink testified that the $4 million spent on a single conference in 2010 conformed to the government rules at the time. maryland congressman elijahings fired back saying how it was a
5:39 pm
-- elijah cummings fired back saying how it was a total loss. >> the money spent on that, that's my money. that's the lady who got the early bus this morning, that's her money. and so it was wasted. >> the training conference in question also included a produceded star trekschuit that starred ferris fink. the irs says spending on conferences have dropped by 75% last year. the republican controlled house deals a blow to president obama's immigration reform. they rejected a measure that would have ended the deportation of immigrants who came to the united states illegally as children. the dream act would have awarded them legal status. the president's order protects them for two years. we know michael douglas is drawing worldwide attention after he revealed doctors have
5:40 pm
linked his throat cancer to oral sex and hpv, doctors say it is a growing problem for men. >> because it was right after my cancer. >> reporter: while promoting his new movie, michael l douglas started a dialogue about an entirely different subject, oral sex and cancer, and doctors are not surprised by the link, the national cancer substitute says 60 -- institute says 60% is caused by hpv, a sexually transmitted disease contracted through oral sex. 16million americans have hpv, few see it develop into a cancer. 90% of the people spontaneously via their own immune system and a small percentage have potentially the risk to develop that and we're still trying to figure out exactly why. >> and the number of men affected is rising. in fact, hpv related throat cancer is now more common in men than cervical cancer is in
5:41 pm
women. 52-year-old phillip keen is recovering from tongue cancer linked to hpv. >> i felt a bump on the side of my neck. >> the cure rate when oral hpv rate is high at more than 90%, and now there is an hpv vaccine recommended for girls and boys. >> it is not only girls that they are recommending it for. the cdc is recommending for girls and boys, anales 11 and 12. >> reporter: the hpv vaccine is recommended before young people become sexually active. time for a quick look at stories in tomorrow's baltimore sun. hear from the one resident who has been there since it opened. recipes for the revival of a classic cocktail, the manhattan, and who the orioles drafted in the first two rounds of amateur draft. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun and to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first
5:42 pm
warning weather. still to come on o wjz's eyewitness news, and we'll tell you what happened. this fly in the middle of school talent show, what pushed the mothers over the edge. a very wet end to the we,,,,
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we have cloudy skies, see some rain moving in had this evening, and later on tonight, we expect o to e see the rain get -- we expect to see the rain get steadier and heavier. >> that rain wasn't out here just five minutes ago and now it's already starting to blanket tv hill. we'll go to temperatures just below 70 degrees. we start tomorrow. the flood warning kicks in tomorrow morning and stays late tomorrow, and we'll expect downpours throughout the day, with temperatures in the mid- 70s. we'll see the showers tomorrow before we start to see clearing on saturday for the next five days including your ocean city forecast. here's bob. flash flood watches tomorrow and into the evening hours, a leftover shower or thunder shower.
5:46 pm
nicer day on sunday, 84. partly cloudy 84 on monday. right now partly cloudy 83. could be a pop up shower monday afternoon and late in the afternoon on tuesday. and if you're going down to the ocean tomorrow, a complete wash out. it will be breezy and rainy all day. saturday some sun and maybe a brief shower. 75, weather temperature still cool, at only 62 degrees. thank you, things get out of hand at an elementary school talent show. mike deforest reports a brawl between two moms was captured on home video. you're right, it's bad, it looks bad. the children, i mean, i'm so sorry for that. >> latisha james regrets embarrassing herself and her kids when she got into a brawl at lake view elementary school. >> i go to school functions all the time. this is not how i behave in public. >> reporter: the altercation began when james stood up to take pictures of her daughter
5:47 pm
on stage when she said she did because other parents were blocking her video. jessica tyler approached james and asked her to sit down and explained in a 911 call. >> i asked her to kneel down for a second so i could get a picture of my niece. and she turned around and said no i ain't sitting down. >> reporter: while returning to her seat, tyler knocks over james 3-year-old daughter. watch it again in slow motion. tyler told police it was an accident. >> once you knock my baby over, like i said, i just snapped and she did not say i'm sorry. >> reporter: james admits she followed tyler back to her seat and put her hands on the other mother's throat, although she claims tyler shoved her first. now james is worried this altercation will cost her her job at a hospital. >> how will i be able to take care of my children because of a split second. when i tell you i'm sorry, i am
5:48 pm
so sorry, but i was sorry right after i did it. >> if convicted james could face up to a year behind bars, as for the other mother, police have forwarded the case to the state's attorney's office. and a car crashing in mesa arizona. two women were pinned under the run away suv and another woman was injured. the driver, a 78-year-old woman told them she was trying to to park the car. we hear this all the time, but she hit the gas pedal instead of the break. checking in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for these stories and more coming up, vic carter is standing by with the preview our first warning weather team is tracking tropical storm andrea, more on the damage and flooding in florida. plus, horses removed, this isn't the first time animals have been removed from severn property, and back to you. summer may be soon, but a
5:49 pm
pair of eastern technical high school students are hitting the books with the heads under the hood. a duo is representing america in the ford skills national competition. >> reporter: a two student team and 90 minutes to diagnosis a series of bugs placed in a car. eastern tech seniors are getting ready to race to repair a car at the four triple a auto skills national competition in michigan next tuesday. >> we have been trying to learn everything about the car we have. we don't want to miss anything at the nationals, because we have to go over it with a fine toothed comb to find every possible bug. >> reporter: they clocked over 300 hours practicing on an identical car that will be used in the competition. >> we set them up with a vehicle and they come to the shop and work on it up there. >> reporter: they can constantly run drills. >> the hardest thing to do is
5:50 pm
try not to pass over over the easy stuff. >> reporter: they've also won 6 state championships in the last 9 years they've garnereded two second place wins and a third place win and have collected an empire of trophies. >> this allows us the opportunity to recognize and promote those students in maryland, specifically for this competition in maryland that are going to be working on cars in the future. >> reporter: as for the big day, we're going to get the hardest to bring it back to maryland for the first time ever. and add a national trophy. wjz eyewitness news. and the competition is next tuesday. prizes include scholarships towards school and new equipment and you can shadow a nascar race team. that would be cool. >> we need more open people to do this had because these cars today, you can't work on them,
5:51 pm
the computers and everything, i don't understand any of it. >> i agree. still ahead on eyewitness news, an afternoon game for the orioles today. >> mark has the latest on the game in houston coming up. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
5:52 pm
my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too.
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan?
5:54 pm
a tough night for the orioles, sports director mark viviano joins us with the latest on the o's game this afternoon in houston. hi mark. >> the birds woke up in houston, eager to erase what happened the night before. it was a rheophilous to the astroings but a -- it was a rough loss to the astros, came up fired up, not pleased. they gave up eleven runs. miguel gonzalez starts today. he silenced the lineup, that hit 6 home runs last night, and gonzalez 6 home runs today, tied the season high with 7 strike outs. the game was tied in the top of the 4th. adam jones on base for jj hardy. hardy with four hits, that allows jones with the go ahead run. o's up 2-1 and bud norris loses
5:55 pm
control. nice bounce back for the o's after they lost last night. they take two of three in houston. tampa bay is the next step on the o's road trip, you can see the weekend games right here on wjz. o and rays saturday and sunday afternoon, masn. football, the ravens go from the white house in washington d.c. to the practice field. another voluntary minicamp for the super bowl champs. we're going to hear from ray rice, getting his thoughts on another championship. this team is never satisfied. also head, more on the o's and the last american standing at the tennis french open has made it to the finals. details ahead. back to you. still ahead on eyewitness news, getting answers, lawmakers grill the head of maryland's correctional system about scandals and corruption. what he told them he's now what he told them he's now doing to
5:56 pm
my name is roosevelt. i always thought that cigarette smoking just messed up your lungs. i never thought that, at only 45, it would give me a heart attack. i never thought that it would stop me from playing basketball with my kids. never thought that it would give me a scar like this. and i never thought that it would change my life forever. my tip is: do your heart a favor and quit now. you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now.
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coming up on eyewitness news at 6. lawmakers questioned members of the state's correction department. the changes to stop contraband and gang at the detention center. coming up, if your phone company is verizon, the company's biggest spy agency is tracking calls. that story as eyewitness news continues. a man is under arrest after antagonizing children on an elementary school playground. i'm rochelle ritchie, what one little boy remembers, coming up next.
5:59 pm
plus tropical storm andrea comes ashore in florida and is now making its way north. the first warning weather team tracking its path and potential impact on maryland. checking for these stories and all the days breaking news. wjz news at 6 starts now. it's complete coverage, wjz. maryland's news station. hello everyone, i'm denise koch r. here's what people are talking about tonight, tropical storm andrea is flooding florida's gulf coast this evening. covering roadways, making traveling dangerous and many residents braving the weather walking through water nearly knee deep. some people floating out into the streets on


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